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Give Thanks


Give Thanks

Hello and welcome to all mothers  pet moms, plant moms and so much  more!! 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and looking for a fun and interactive way to entertain your family & guests??

I got you covered with some fun and simple games that’ll have everyone interacting with each other filled with laughter and excitement!!

Let’s get started with an outdoors game (might get a little intense  )

    1. Sack race

-Split up your family/guests into two to three teams

-draw or lay out a start and finish line

-have the first runner from each team on the start line

-on your mark, get set.... GO!!!!!!

-Start hopping away from start line and back to pass the sac to your next


(If it’s an adult only game, go ahead and add a beverage to finish after your run before passing on the sac to your teammate  ).

Now for the calmer activity 

    1. Thanksgiving Mad Libs!

You can go on google or Etsy to find or even create your own mad lib sheet for everyone to fill out the blanks! At the end of your turn, add a little “what I’m thankful for..”  After all, Thanksgiving is THE time to share with the ones you love what you’re thankful for

Thank you to Heidi Kundin for creating these Mad Libs!

I hope we’re able to give you some ideas on some fun activities to do with your family and friends! 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Aubrey Kathryn Co family 

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